Community health centers are a key component of the health care system and provide comprehensive, culturally competent, quality primary health care services to medically underserved and vulnerable populations. To sustain and support their operations, health centers depend on a combination of Medicaid payments, grant revenues, and other sources of funding. These funding sources allow health centers to serve over 24 million patients each year nationwide.

North East Medical Services is generously supported through an array of individual contributions, private foundations, and public grants, contracts, and partnerships. We would like to gratefully thank the following organizations for their support:

AMA Foundation        American Medical Association Foundation (AMAF)
Blue Shield of California Foundation        Blue Shield of California Foundation
CCI Center For Care Innovations        Center For Care Innovations (CCI)
 California Department of Social Services (CDSS) CalFresh Branch         California Department of Social Services (CDSS) CalFresh Branch
C4        California Colorectal Cancer Coalition (C4)
Sutter Health CPMC        California Pacific Medical Center
Community Health Partnership        Community Health Partnership/Santa Clara County
Delta Dental Community Care Foundation        Delta Dental Community Care Foundation
Health Resources and Services Administration        Health Resources and Services Administration/Bureau of Primary Health Care
Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Benefit Program        Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Benefit Program
San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium        San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium
San Francisco Health Plan        San Francisco Health Plan
Santa Clara County        Santa Clara County
Sunlight Giving        Sunlight Giving
The San Francisco Foundation        The San Francisco Foundation