Making Appointments

In order to best serve you, we request that you schedule an appointment before you come to the clinic for services. Appointments are available Monday through Friday between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM. Many clinics are open on Saturday. Please note that hours and services may vary by clinic site, please click here for details.

When calling to make an appointment:

Dial (415) 391-9686 ext. 8150 or (650) 550-3923 ext. 8150 or (408) 573-9686 ext. 8150 and specify which clinic and department you would like to make an appointment. When your call is answered, please tell the Call Center staff the following:

  • Your name and NEMS Card number
  • Your provider’s name (if you have a regular NEMS provider)
  • The reason you need to see the provider. Please tell the receptionist if you feel very sick or have an urgent medical problem, or if you have any forms you need to have filled out. (You will be asked to leave your forms and documents with your provider. Please note that forms may take up to five (5) working days to be completed.)
  • How soon you need an appointment
  • Any personal information that has changed, such as your phone number, address, or insurance coverage
  • Whether you have special requests, such as wheelchair or interpretation needs

Also please remember to:

  • Arrive on time: We ask that you arrive at the clinic 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time and check in at the clinic’s front desk.
  • Bring your NEMS Card, a photo ID, and your other health insurance cards with you on the day of your clinic visit.
  • As a courtesy to other patients who need to be seen, please call us to cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance. Call the NEMS 24 Hour Cancellation Message Line at (415) 352-5123 to speak with a staff member or to leave a message.

No Show Policy

Not showing up for your scheduled appointment may endanger your health and prevent other patients from seeing your provider. To ensure that all patients have a fair opportunity to see a provider when they need to, NEMS has a No Show Policy.

Patients with three or more missed appointments will be subject to Scheduling Probation. This means:

  • You will be placed on a six-month probation period.
  • During the probation period, you must arrive one hour early to all appointments. If not, your appointment will be forfeited and you will become a walk-in patient with no guarantee to be seen on the same day.
  • You will be removed from the probation if you have abided by the terms for six months. If you continue to miss your appointments, you will be placed back on the probation period.

Please remember to cancel your appointments at least 24 hours in advance as a courtesy to your provider and other patients.
To cancel your appointment, please call the 24-hour NEMS Cancellation Message Line at (415) 352-5123.