NEMS and Wu Yee Children’s Services are partnering together to provide child development workshops, early reading programs, and interactive playgroups in Cantonese for pregnant families and families with children 0 -18 months old. When it comes to caring for children, we believe that no parent should have to go at it alone!

All activities are free and held virtually every month and may include incentives for participants after completion. You are not required to order or receive any items or services from NEMS in order to receive any items offered through the programs. Please see below for the list of available activities including dates and times. To register for any of the activities, please scan the QR code or click here and complete the online form to submit your contact information. For questions about the activities, please call 628-282-1591.

Please note you must be a NEMS member to participate. Joining NEMS is FREE. Non-NEMS member can register online (available in English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Spanish) to become a member first.