Epic Electronic Medical System

Epic Electronic Medical System

NEMS is transitioning to the Epic electronic medical system on October 2, 2023!

As one of the largest community health centers in the United States providing care to underserved populations, North East Medical Services (NEMS) is excited to announce that our organization will transition to the Epic electronic medical record system on October 2, 2023, to better serve our patients and our communities.

NEMS is proud to partner with Epic, our Clinical Champions, and all our staff across the organization to ensure we have a successful transition on October 2nd. With 22 clinics/service sites and still growing, our investment in Epic is a long-term investment in the many communities we serve, and NEMS remains committed to building upon our reputation for exceptional patient care for those who rely on our many services for their good health.

MyChart Online Patient Portal

NEMS, in close collaboration with Epic, will be the first nonprofit community health center in the United States to provide Epic’s MyChart, an online health portal, for patients in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

This linguistically appropriate online health portal will allow NEMS’ monolingual Chinese patients to engage in their healthcare online by viewing test results, scheduling appointments, checking in electronically, sending messages to providers, requesting a medication refill, and more. This new version of MyChart online health portal will go live in mid-September.

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Epic Care Everywhere

When NEMS transitions to the Epic electronic health records system, all NEMS patients will be automatically enrolled in Epic Care Everywhere, a type of health information exchange (HIE). HIEs like Care Everywhere allow health care providers outside of NEMS to access your most recent electronic health record securely and without delay to care for you as a patient. For example, if you go to a specialist that participates in Care Everywhere, your provider will be able to access your most recent electronic health record at the time of your visit, helping your provider make more informed decisions about your care.

All information contained in your electronic health record will be shared through Care Everywhere, including information related to sensitive services, unless we are required to restrict such information. Psychotherapy notes, information related to drug and alcohol abuse, diagnosis or treatment, and information related to sensitive services that NEMS is required to restrict will not be shared without a separate authorization from you.

To learn more about HIE and how your protected health information will be shared through Care Everywhere, please see our Notice of Privacy Practices.

Organizations Participating in Care Everywhere

For a list of organizations that currently participate in Care Everywhere, click here.

Your Right to Opt-Out/Cancel Opt-Out

You may opt out (or opt back in) of Care Everywhere at any time by filling out a Health Information Exchange Opt-Out Form and mailing to 1033 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA 94133, or contacting the NEMS Health Information Services Department at 415-391-9686.





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How to Get a Copy of Your Health Records

There are four different ways to request a copy of your medical, dental, or other health records for your own personal use or to forward to another healthcare provider or organization.

1) Login to MyChart to access most of your medical records electronically without having to submit a special request. For records that aren’t already available in MyChart, you can request the records using MyChart by going to Menu → Sharing Hub → Yourself → Request a copy.

If you don’t use MyChart, you can download and complete the Authorization to Disclose Health Information Form and return to NEMS Health Information Services (HIS) Department via one of the following methods:

2) Email to [email protected]
3) Fax to 415-933-6843
4) Mail to 1033 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA 94118

If you need additional assistance, contact NEMS’ HIS Department.

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